jeudi 16 avril 2015

It is possible to imitate the ceramic effects produced on polymer on nails too (I will leave whether it is a good idea as a decision for the reader).

A few new nail ornaments from polymer mini sculptures and other tests...
This is really unpractical (I took it off shortly after the pic). 

But it was worth it for Davy Jones...

Nail polish shaped in a self made mold, sewing threads  embedded in the polish to reinforce the tentacles.
The originals out of polymer, the silicon molds, and the polish shapes taken out of the molds (acrylic paint and alcohol ink washes). 

A mini-tutorial in pictures :
And a completely different tutorial coming, on polymer again this time, but with techniques from nail art. I just need to find some time to write it up. 

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Eva a dit…

J'adore cet effet céramique, je n'avais pas vu cet ongle!!!!
j'espère que tout va bien
à bientôt