dimanche 13 novembre 2016


I have somehow misplaced the pictures of the results of my work in the wonderful creative design course of Donna Greenberg and Christine Dumont, so it will come at a later time. So here is something that I worked on in parallel during those weeks, trying to apply what I had learned.

Maggie Maggio made a really interesting talk in july in the Bordeaux Eurosynergy. One expression stuck with me: color thickness (I am not sure I am using it correctly, though). More recently, Sonya Girodon created a wonderful series of bowls, and made me want to try a larger format.
These are the results, with a healthy (or not) dose of creatures of the depth and translucency:

Depth 1. My first test. It did burn a bit, bubble a bit, but I still love it.
The size is between 12cm and 8 cm across. And I had a lovely photo shoot on the coast of Brittany.
Depth 2
Depth 2 (outside)

Depth 3, in its natural environment
Depth 3 (bowl outside).

And a test for a pendant, from a lamprey mouth (and more precisely from fig. 293 of A Guide to the Study of Fishes by R. Starr Jordan).
Lamprey pendant.

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