jeudi 15 septembre 2011

Elder sign experiments

I like jewellery made of beads that look like stones or branches. I have started experimenting to build a bracelet or a necklace with polymer "wood" or "coral", and stone-lookalikes. Now I am somewhat satisfied with my quartz mix (although this last iteration is a bit too pink for my taste), I made some stones beads.
I did not like their shape too much (and they had an already baked core from sculpey light: no way to alter that), so I wanted to somehow add interest. I went for the classics, with the two Elder Sign versions and the yellow sign, Propnomicon version (I known, it is upside down on the picture). I must admit I like the two branching patterns best. The others need some ameliorations, so I set to make more.

The next generation of stones, unbaked, and one of the rough sculpey light cores. The shapes already look more interesting. These all have two parallel channels for thread, and are much flater than the previous ones.
I then added the lines and baked.

To go with these, I have started working on twigs with Randee M. Ketzel's great tutorial. The color of the stones is still off, but I will do better next time...

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